Reason to be single

As a person I would rather be alone, single, broke and happy than be in a relationship, married, wealthy and miserable. I don’t think that I have my expectations set to high knowing what I want in a relationship and not settling for less.

For me – I want to connect with that person on an emotional level, a spiritual level and a physical level. I want communication, compromise and I want respect. I want it to be 50% about him and 50% about me. No more no less. There is a balance here. If I have to sit through a football game with him and his friends, he should sit through a theater show with me and mine.

I will not involve myself with a man who puts himself before everyone else or a man who has no respect for me or for others. Why would any man or woman involve themselves in a relationship with that type of person? I am not even sure how to respond to this type of behavior other than to learn from it.

I believe that we should always treat others the way in which you would want to be treated in any situation.

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