Satan Feeds

Satan Feeds

Warning: The following story may be disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

That little blonde headed girl looking out that window, the police lights flashing and wondering why she wasn’t being protected, waiting to be saved. I want to save that little girl who is frozen in fear. I want to hug her and spare her pain but all I can do now is love her and help her heal her wounds.

Satan Feeds

The pain strikes and it’s binding,
Like shackles imbedded with nails,
My protector in the darkness,
The face of Satan is unveiled

Searching for some refuge,
My fear is in control,
As the demon pressed on top of me,
Rips my childhood from my soul.  

I‘ve never heard that sound before,
I’ve never seen that face,
I don’t recognize that shadow,
Or the claws of this embrace.   

The growls are growing louder now,
As I see his evil grin.
The walls have all closed in on me,
I’m a toddler – I can’t win. 

Looking to be rescued,
Trying to get away.
The Evil look within his eyes,
Screams that I’m his prey.  

Fear now anchored in my being
Blood drips from my flesh
The Devil devours my innocence
A shell is all that’s left

My whole existence is scarred now,
Will someone please explain?
The mark this rape has left on me,
The anger in my veins.

I’ve not learned the words yet
How will I ever tell?
A demon is among us
A monster straight from Hell.

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