Scared Selfless

This is a first person clear and powerful account of child abuse (physically & mentally), child rape, sex trafficking, child pornography, and torture; and how one girl grew into a woman, who not only worked to overcome such horrors, but had such a determination, she went on to become a doctor. A licensed successful psychologist, helping others make the transition from fear to love. As a survivor of child rape myself and someone who works with other survivors, I find this book to be a beautiful mix of personal testimony and psychological treatise on the elements necessary to heal from the trauma of sexual abuse. It will quite simply explain you to you.

I feel more educated on abuse, abusers, and mental illness having read it. It’s actually the best book I’ve ever read about child abuse\rape. The author explained feelings I’ve felt for years but couldn’t find the words to describe. I truly got a lot of answers from reading this book.

And while I highly recommend it to anyone who desires a greater understanding of themselves or these themes, I also want to state that this book contains a great deal of painful, shocking realities which could be triggering to some readers. It’s definitely not for the weak of mind.

In telling her truth, this author is making a difference in more lives than she will ever possibly know. Her story also speaks to the power that compassion and love have in healing from some of the most traumatic circumstances.

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  1. Kerri, it’s so gratifying to be reading your chronicles again. I have missed you. I look forward to more heartwarming, thought-provoking words that always encourage me. One of these days we’ll have to catch up. Thank you for sharing. Tell Don I said hello. God bless.

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