Minimooey makes a great point here. This is proof positive that we can all find the good in a bad situation. Look beyond yourself, your pain and your wounds because there is something so much bigger out there for you to capture. Jesus walked the streets telling us about this same thing over 2000 years ago. God is truly reigning down on each of us. Accept that your life can be better than it was before – better than it is today. Seek that out, chase it, capture it and embrace it, within your heart. Make this your daily mission. Build greatness in your life, greatness to pass on to others.

Don’t just read it here, check out Minimooey’s site. She’s fighting the fight and staying in the ring to take the win.

A Sister’s Story

My sister Sabrina told me of an experience she had during a time when she was asking questions, to herself, about the abuse and why she had suffered so horribly at the hands of her brothers. She wanted to know why she had suffered for other people sins. Where they not supposed to suffer for their own? Why did she have to carry the weight of their guilt and shame? How painful, confusing, and unfair it felt. These questions ran through her mind for some time and she couldn’t seem to find an answer. It was all so painful, twisted and confusing. She said there was one day in particular when she couldn’t let go of her questions. The pain, hurt, confusion and anger where overwhelming. She decided she needed a walk to try to find some peace of mind. Sabrina said it was while walking that the Lord whispered to her mind that he too had suffered innocently for other people’s sins. Sabrina said with these whispering came an understanding, courage and strength she had not known before. She had something in common with Christ. Life was suddenly better than it was before. There was peace and comfort. She knew her life was valuable.

This story was told to me many years ago that I might also find understanding and comfort from it but to be honest it did not comfort me. My first thought was Christ’s suffering was triumphant. My suffering was not. The abuse I suffered at the hands of my brothers didn’t do anyone any good. If anything, all it did was prove how gross, violent and sleazy my brothers were. And all it was for me was horror. I didn’t feel like I had anything in common with Christ. But I loved Sabrina’s story. It was beautiful and I wanted it to comfort me but I just couldn’t see it. I didn’t want to tell Sabrina that. She meant well. I finial put it from my mind and didn’t think about it again until Sabrina told me this story again a few days ago hoping to remind me of the peace and comfort. Again, I didn’t feel as those I had anything in common with Christ. It began to upset me instead of comfort me. I felt as though I was looking at those 3D pictures and couldn’t see anything. It was my mother who said when the Lord told Sabrina he had suffered innocently for other people’s sins he was validating her suffering and acknowledging her innocence. I began to understand and be comforted. There is triumph for all of us in the atonement of Christ. Sabrina was right I have something in common with Christ. My suffering can also be triumphant.www.kerrichronicles.com

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