Storing Sheets Nice & Neat

Adjustable Sheet Strap

One of the hardest things to keep together; to keep nice and neat in the closet, are sheets. The fitted sheet, doesn’t lay flat when folded up, making things bulky on the closet shelf and those pillow cases always seem to get away.
Before deep pocket sheets came along, or before I was introduced to them, we had basic sheets that never stayed on the bed. Every morning I woke up to discover that the fitted sheet had worked its way off the bed as I slept, forcing me to fully remake the bed more mornings than not.

Then shopping one afternoon, I discovered adjustable sheet straps. Why had I never heard of these before? Why hadn’t anyone told me? What a great idea! I rushed right home to use them and they solved my problem immediately.

I also found them handy in keeping my sheets together and storing them nice and neat in the linen closet. Still today, this makes things so much easier on laundry day. You can purchase them at Wal-mart for under $2.00

Adjustable Sheet Straps

Adjustable Sheet Straps

Adjustable Sheet Straps

Enjoy! I hope you love this as much as I do.

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