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I love, love, love this vacuum cleaner. I’ve actually had it for several years now but wanted to wait to do a post on it to see how it held up since it promised (and still does) the mighty power of “never” losing suction plus it came with a five-year warranty. Yes > Gotta love that!

Hey, don’t sweat that I’ve waited so long to post this though because this baby is still on the market. And the cost, which is half which is half of what I paid, is fantastic compared to other vacuum cleaners that do less work and really take a nice fat chunk out of your wallet.

The Shark Navigator Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner is engineered more like a shop vac, in that it bypasses the air filters on the intake, preserving an awesome “You’re not escaping me Mr. Dirt bag” suction. This bad boy literally sucks in a totally impressive way and without a bag which is extremely nice, saving you even more money and time at the store.

I use it weekly on carpets, area rugs, throw rugs, hardwood floors and on ceramic tile. It’s great for dusting around the house too. It comes with a 24″ crevice tool which works for getting ceiling corners and behind furniture that in the past was really hard to reach when vacuuming.

I had a Hoover vacuum cleaner for many years and when it finally died I started my research, on a hunt for a new one, when I saw an infomercial on TV for the Shark Navigator Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

After a bit more research and scanning through some reviews I decided to buy one, directly off of their site, for around $225 which included shipping.

It arrived a few days later and after assembling, which can be done in a snap, it didn’t take me but one use to realize how badly my Hoover vacuum cleaner had been failing me all of those years. Goodness gracious with all the nastiness!

Here I am years later and the Shark Navigator still has me hooked with its performance and the results it sucks out, not just when using the vacuum but when using the hose too. The suction is so fabulous that the vacuum almost feels self-propelled when you’re using it. It actually pulls itself forward and really pulls up the carpet pile doing some serious deep cleaning. No joke! This vacuum cleaner truly means business!

Not to mention that it’s lightweight, around 15 pounds or less and it’s fairly quiet compared to any vacuum cleaner I’ve ever owned or used.

The dirt cup\dust bin is extremely easy to empty and the unit itself has a narrow cleaning path so it fits into places other vacuum cleaners are too big to fit or clean without using an attachment.

Another super plus is that it has a small footprint for storage, and is so compact and light that you won’t mind taking it out to use to clean up small messes. I do this all the time when the grandkids are here. If you have stairs in your house this will be a double bonus.

It’s not a big production to set it up and clean like most vacuum cleaners and the cord is long enough that you don’t have to unplug and re-plug constantly.

The wheels on this gem are really awesome too. I have a lot of hardwood flooring, and I love how they just glide on it. My old Hoover would have left scratches all over the place but the wheels on this powerhouse vacuum are rubberized and glide right along without ever leaving tracks behind it.

A vacuum cleaner that super sucks with no bags or filters to buy (because it comes with two reusable > did I mention that?). It’s light weight with a low-cost, and a 5 year guarantee…..when a company offers that, that tells me they have a lot of confidence in the longevity and quality of their product. Five years later, I am still impressed!

I encourage you to check it out for yourself. Visit their website HERE.

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  1. I just bought that same vacuum and am just as impressed as you 😉 It put my full size Bissel & my Hoover, before that, to utter shame. I totally recommend the Shark Navigator. LOVE it!!!

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