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Just Like New

This gorgeous piece is a 75 year old cabinet that I’ve just redone. The character is impeccable. Continue reading Just Like New

Beach Beach Baby!

Beach Beach Baby

Last minute baby shower for one of my best friends, little sisters, loyal confidants, Brazilian Butt Lift work out buddies, wine drinking roommates, beach loving extraordinaires and now soon to be MOMMY!!! I’m so excited!! Never mind that every time I hold a baby, I have to talk my ovaries down like a hostage negotiator {Eeeeekkkkkk}!!!! You know how magical and precious those sweet warm little hugs and tiny kisses are and the sweet baby smell!! Okay well maybe not the smell all the time POOHYYYYYY!! but you know what I am saying ladies!!! Those babies lure you in and BAM!

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DIY: Free-Standing Rustic Chalkboard Labels & Tags

DIY: Free-Standing Rustic Chalkboard Labels & Tags

We had several dishes, desserts and drinks at our last dinner party and we wanted our guest to know what was on the menu without them having to ask so I sat down and made these unique free-standing chalk boards to label everything and then some adorable little tags for the drink glasses and mugs.

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