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The Coffee & Christ Show Talking Celibacy > One of God’s Greatest Gifts

Celibacy is one of God s greatest gifts to the world . . . and also one of the most misunderstood.  . . .

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As said by the Barna Group, the largest Christian Polling & Review Organization in the World

Barna Group3

This is really sad. Have we as believers come to a place where we really don’t care about truth? About God’s perspective and about what He desires for us? Are we afraid of learning the truth or even looking into the truth because we fear making decisions and making change, getting our comfort zone because we are comfortable with the way we live our lives, our religious activities, our traditions? Do we care if they come from God or if these traditions are pagan or man-made? Does it makes a difference to you? Who are we here to please?



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Is Homosexuality a Sin?


Recently, a friend asked me how I felt about homosexuality. He wanted to know if I thought it was wrong. My immediate thought was, “Yes, it is wrong” but then I was asked by another friend if I felt that homosexuality was a sin and did I feel that God condemns the sexual act?

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