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The Forgiveness Gift

Forgiveness does not mean pretending everything is “OK.”  It doesn’t mean forgetting the hurt either.  Forgiveness is simply the act of surrendering our desire for revenge; our desire to hurt someone for having hurt us.   Forgiveness is the gift we give ourselves that enables us to stop picking at the scab and start making a plan for healing.


Watch Joy Brown as she shares her testimony on the Coffee & Christ show: When God Calls


When Bitterness Bites

We shouldn’t be living our lives scarred, or playing victim. What’s important is that we judge ourselves first and make the necessary changes within ourselves and in our lives to live everyday to the fullest, surrounded by those that we love and look up to.


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Forgiveness, a Total Injustice

Forgiveness, a Total Injustice

Warning: The following story may be disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

Some days, the haunting memories of the past are a real struggle. It’s enough to make anyone emotionally constipated. Forgiveness is the last thing that I want to do.. I’d rather vomit in a coffee cup and drink it with my breakfast..

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My Father, My Hero, My Goodbye


I have to speak at my father funeral tomorrow and I am really struggling to wrap my mind around all that has happened in the last three days. Learning about my father’s death on Facebook, my brothers words ringing in my head, “I’ve cleaned his house out of anything worth anything”, fighting to find out the location of his body, fighting to stop his cremation, fighting to have him properly buried ……… My mind is not focused for drowning in the heartbreak but I must and will honor him for all that he was and all that he will forever be in the face of the evil that I will stand before.

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I Saw My Fathers Dead Body Today


If you are new to this story, please read Immorality, Hate, Selfishness, Greed: A Family Portrait first.


I saw my fathers dead body today, just laid out on a cold metal table.

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