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Teeccino Dandelion Caramel Nut Herbal Coffee

Dandelion Caramel Nut

I have autoimmune issues and long ago had to give up coffee. This caught my eye while out shopping so I picked a box up, NOT expecting to like it but I LOVE this coffee\tea! I thought it might just be tolerable but it’s simply FANTASTIC! I didn’t add any sweetener or milk, I just drank it black as it has a nice nutty, slightly sweet taste all its own. Continue reading Teeccino Dandelion Caramel Nut Herbal Coffee

Tomato Goat Cheese Omelet

Tomato Goat Cheese Omelet

PDF version: Tomato Goat Cheese Omelet Continue reading Tomato Goat Cheese Omelet

Breakfast Egg Omelet Muffins


This dish is a super YUMMY, DELICIOUS on the go meal or snack! It also work great if you have a few folks coming by for breakfast. Accent these omelette muffins with organic turkey bacon and some organic fruit and you have the perfect breakfast for you and your guest. It’s gluten-free and Paleo.

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