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Turkey Apricot Dijon Wrap


The fruity combination of apricot preserves, Dijon and thyme goes great with turkey or chicken and with Thanksgiving now behind us, this is a great recipe for all those leftovers and it’s also something the whole family will love. Use apricot preserves sweetened with juice instead of sugar to keep it healthy and you’ll find it not only delicious but also super easy to put together for a quick-lunch or on a busy morning when you’ve got little time to spare packing a lunch. Makes two large wraps.

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Lean Sloppy Joe


Everyone loves a tasty sloppy joe, even the pickiest of children will scarf down a sloppy Joe and ask for seconds, myself included because they are truly a treat for me.  I really enjoy them but I also want to feel good about what I’m eating and I want it to be healthy for my body. I want all the delicious, messy, sweetness of a sloppy joe minus the refined sugars, additives and the list of other ingredients found on labels that most of us can’t pronounce so I put together my own delightful recipe years ago and I’m craving today so now I’m sharing with you. I use gluten-free ingredients to keep things wholesome but feel free to use the name brand of your choice. You won’t be disappointed.

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