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Just Like New

This gorgeous piece is a 75 year old cabinet that I’ve just redone. The character is impeccable. Continue reading Just Like New

The Secret to White Whites & Super Clean





I love old school remedies for health and wellness when it comes to my family and inexpensive > all-ready in my pantry, simple solutions for things around the house that are safe, effective and sure to save money.

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Remove Labels the Easy Way

Remove Labels

Do you love super simple solutions that make life and every day household task easier? Yes, Yes, Yes….. please! I love them even more when they cost less, saving me time and money.

One simple solution that I’ve discovered is a way to remove labels and without the mess of peeling, scrubbing, scratching and scraping, which usually leaves behind sticky business, scratch marks and a broken finger nail or two.

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Storing Sheets Nice & Neat

Adjustable Sheet Strap

One of the hardest things to keep together; to keep nice and neat in the closet, are sheets. The fitted sheet, doesn’t lay flat when folded up, making things bulky on the closet shelf and those pillow cases always seem to get away.
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