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Suck It Up > Put an End to the Nastiness!


I love, love, love this vacuum cleaner. I’ve actually had it for several years now but wanted to wait to do a post on it to see how it held up since it promised (and still does) the mighty power of “never” losing suction plus it came with a five-year warranty. Yes > Gotta love that!

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I’m going YONANAS!!!


HOLY MOSES AND THE FRUITY GOODNESS, BATMAN!!! This thing is ridiculously amazing!

It makes Heavenly raw banana based ‘ice cream’ effortlessly that dispenses directly into your bowl and since my bowl is empty now, I’m going to wiz through this blog post so I can fill it back up with some more goodness!  NO KIDDING!

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Cleaning Floors In Half The Time

Rubbermaid Reveal
Reveal 1

I love the Rubbermaid Reveal

I was in the market for a spray mop that would not only do a good job getting my floors clean but one that would allow me to use my own cleaner. Then I was out and about one day and spotted the Rubbermaid Reveal and, after reading the label, got super excited about the possibilities and the $20 cost.

This handheld blessing has totally cut my mopping time in half.

With the exception of our bedrooms and bathrooms, we have hardwood floors throughout our house and this makes for super easy cleaning going from room to room. > Doing a little dance here <

Another reason I love it is because it allows me to use the cleaning product of my choice, which enables me to customize the clean for each floor surface in my home so it’s great for the tile in the bathrooms and not just my hardwoods. Yeah Yeah!

Even the spray span is very impressive and the microfiber pad. It really had my floors sparkling clean in no time. The cushioned handle is even great. Check it out for yourself. This mop will be in our home for years to come.

A Few Tips:

– Remove blue foam at base of bottle when you pull it out of the box and put it together. It’s a part of the packaging but blends right in and prevents the unit from working properly if not removed.

–  If it stops spraying: (This may happen if the cleaner you’re using is thick) 1). Run the tip of the bottle under warm water (one minute) before inserting into the mop. 2). Fill the bottle with hot water and “prime” the mop by pulling the trigger 5-10 times to pump the solution through to clear any clog that may be present.

Find out more about the product HERE.

Touch Up, Cover Up, Conceal

Gray away

Gray Away Root Concealer is my new best friend! This stuff is truly fabulous! I have very little gray hair but after using the So Gorgeous Volume Renewing Dry Hair Shampoo for a couple of days, I use the Gray Away Root Concealer to cover up any changes in my hair color and to add a little shine. It’s also great for blending and touch-ups between salon appointments. This stuff is amazing!!

I was actually surprised at how well this root concealer worked and it took very little to give me the results I was looking for.


My natural hair color is a dark brown but I consistently add high lights and low lights and the Gray Away Root Concealer in the color light brown blends everything together perfectly and gives an added touch of shine on the days I need it.


I love the fact that it doesn’t take much to get the results that I want and it doesn’t feel sticky or stiff, make my scalp itch, come off on my hands or get on my clothes. I also love that it doesn’t come off on furniture or sheets and it washes out easily.


It’s super easy to use and has advantages that totally make it worth the $9.99 it cost. I don’t use this root concealer everyday but close to it and this little can gives a whole lot of application making it last a good while. You can also  order it online HERE as some of the colors are only available on line.


Another plus is that the nozzle is small, enabling you to spray it just where you want it so it applies quick and easy and covers beautifully.


If you are looking for a root touch up, give Gray Away a try, this product definitely fits a busy lifestyle.



– Hold the container about a foot away from hair section when spraying.

– A little goes a long way, you really don’t need much.

– It works best if you layer it, moving can back and forth as you spray.

Gray away all colors

Soaking Up a Sunless Tan


If you love a nice looking tan but want to protect your skin from the dangers of the sun, a self tanning lotion is one of the best, least expensive options. Up until last year, I’d never used a self tanning lotion. Being very fair-skinned, I was fearful of looking like an oompa loompa straight out of Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory. Geesh…….how scary……no thanks!


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