Ted Brostrom – Living With Cancer

Our friend, Ted Brostrom, a true gentleman with the biggest heart, so full of compassion, I was extremely blessed the day he walked into my life. Not just me but everyone that met him.

I miss him more than I can explain in words. The Tuesday evenings we worked at the Crisis Center and how he always made it fun and gave me something to look forward too and then there were the evenings that he couldn’t wind down and decided he needed to feed his sweet tooth so we’d leave the center and head out for a late night dinner that always ended with ice cream or some delicious pie. He even joined us when we planned couples night out with Jessica and John, where Ted was a couple of one that kept us all laughing till we nearly cried. Couples night wouldn’t have been the same without Ted.

He was such a classic guy with a love so great for everyone around him no matter where they were in life or where they had been. Everyone was blessed having had Ted dance through life.

I remember the day that I met him. He was taking training to be a volunteer at Crisis Services of North Alabama. The course was ending and he was so excited that he went out and had a plaque made to honor those that had stuck it out and the staff that taught the course.

I came in at the end of the party, invited to join the festivities when I was spotted in the call center office picking up a jug half full of pennies.

“Hi, I’m Ted” he said as he reached his hand in my direction. “What are you going to do with all those pennies?” he asked. I reached out to shake his hand as he reached in his pocket and pulled out a handful of change to drop in the jug. “I’m going to donate them. They will go to someone in need,” I replied.

“Hey everyone, come meet Kerri” he called out and before it was all said done, everyone in the room was donating to the annual penny drive. That was Ted, always involved, always so full of life for everyone around him, always wanting to help.

Ted joined me at the station several times, sitting in for a show, giving his testimony or speaking on current events in the news. He has gone now but in remembering Ted, I wanted to share this with everyone. This is Ted in the early days, giving his testimony of his life and living with cancer.

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