Testimony of Lisa Williams – God Always Wins

I don’t remember who referred Lisa to me or even how we started talking but I do remember the day that we met in the coffee shop. The pain in her face was profound as she shared details of her story with me.

Her son was there and I could tell by her response to my questions that there was a lot that she wasn’t willing to say.

She laid papers in front of me; neatly stacked and clipped together, asking that I read them in my own time for all the vile details. We finished our sandwiches over casual conversation, hugged and went our separate ways.

When I got to the studio, I grabbed a hot cup of coffee and with her testimony in hand I headed to my office to prepare for our show.

With a childhood of rape behind me and the years spent sorting it all out, I unclipped that stack of papers and found myself reflecting on my own scars, the emotions and the haunting memories of what once was as I read Lisa’s testimony, detail after detail. I was simply blown away.

The strength and courage bestowed to others by Lisa was and is incredible. Hope keeps her going but it is her faith that keeps her on track.

I saw Lisa as she entered the studio, her presence confident and strong. I drank the last of my coffee, sat back in my chair and thanked God, once again, for putting yet another amazing individual in my life.

I heard a voice over the intercom – “We’re going live in ten minutes, Kerri.”

That was my cue and this was an awesome show!

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