The Aftermath of Rape – Healing My Mind

The Aftermath of Rape - Healing your Mind I feel the simplest way to change my life is to change my mind about things, change my perception of how things are in my life. After suffering 13 years of rape in my home, as a child, and then punishing myself, in various other ways (drugs, alcohol, promiscuity), for several other years, I find myself staring in the face, a stark moment of clarity. I realize that all those times being raped, was not my fault and that my anger is natural and is to be expected, and that I AM OKAY. I also realize that I am in a position to change it all, moving forward. I have the power to move on with my life. This is something I want to do. This is something I am choosing to do.


From this point on, I will move forward with my life in a positive way. I will choose to love, honor and take care of myself. I will choose to keep myself well and safe. I will choose to live, and breathe, in all the beauty that life has to offer and I will choose this every day.


I won’t be able to forget having been raped (sexually assaulted, molested, abused), it will always be a part of who I become but those years of rape will not be a negative factor that ruins my entire life, but rather a catalyst I will use to be the best person I can possibly be every single day!


January 3, 1995 © Kerri Bishop Reece | Kerri Chronicles

8 thoughts on “The Aftermath of Rape – Healing My Mind

  1. I need to change my mind because I can’t change anything else. I really have to get this. The truth is very painful but I can’t run from it. Thanks for this site.

  2. Kerri, You have just offered thousands of people hope by saying what you said — there is a “choice” each and every day. We both know that it’s often not this simple. Many, many times intervention is needed, guidance must be provided and always there is that defining moment when a person says, “No more! You will not control me any more!” and that is when true healing of the mind will begin.

    Thank you for this message of hope and promise!

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