When God Calls

We are so grateful to have Joy Brown share her testimony with us here on Kerri Chronicles and the Coffee & Christ Show. Finding our calling in life can often times be a source of great anxiety putting it right up there with knowing God’s will or learning our true purpose in life.  Do you know your true calling in life? How did God reveal it to you?

2 thoughts on “When God Calls

  1. God, I think, leads us in the direction He wants us to go. We may not realize this while it is happening. We may feel lost, may cry out to Him for guidance. All the while, He is already positioning us to fulfill the calling He has placed on our lives.

    1. I believe that as well, Anna and can relate through my own life experience and my relationship Him. I’ve said many a prayers and cried many a tears sorting out my childhood of shame, living in silence, looking for a place to release my pain and heal my wounds, to in the end find myself in a place surrounded by so many that understand my suffering and who spend their days reaching out, not only to help themselves but to help others. God paved this road for me, giving me the people (like yourself) that I need to place me where he wanted me, on a path to make a difference. All I know is, I feel more blessed that I truly deserve.

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