www.kerrichronicles.comSince launching the Testimony Road section of Kerri Chronicles, we’ve received emails from individuals struggling to sort out where they’ve been and what they’ve been through.

Sometimes they want to be heard. Other times, they are seeking insight or advice but most importantly they are fighting to make sense, of the emotions, that they truly do not understand.

So to help those that are calling on Kerri Chronicles and our readers here, we are opening up a section titled ‘The Punching Bag’ for everyone that has a frustration or struggle that they’d like to share, in the midst of their healing, anonymous or otherwise.

Email your frustrations and struggles to; get them off of your chest. Put ‘The Punching Bag’ in the subject line, give it a title and we will publish them, on our site and share them with others, to seek help, where we can all gain a better understanding.

If you want to remain anonymous, that is okay too. Just put ‘Anonymous Punching Bag’ in the subject line and we’ll keep your identity secret.

We’re not able to handle our struggles on our own, this is why God blessed us with brothers and sisters in Christ so let’s lean on each other, grow together, learn together and work towards changing the world.

3 thoughts on “THE PUNCHING BAG

  1. Many Christians strive to be meek and mild. And we are to be instruments of peace. But there are horrific events in this world justifying righteous anger. Child molestation, slavery, and violence against women come to mind. In my opinion, Christians should take a stand on these topics, should speak out for victims unable to speak for themselves. If not, our silence may be viewed as acquiescence.

    1. I could not agree with you more, Anna. I think it’s also important to note that a person can forgive and still remain angry for a time. Anger is apart of the healing process and we are entitled to be angry at our loses. As long as we do not remain angry at the person that caused our losses and go out to seek revenge, we can work our losses and heal from the anger as we pray for those we have forgiven. I hope I’m explaining myself properly here. I’m still working on my first cup of coffee 🙂

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