Warning: The following story may be disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

She was an outcast a whore in their eyes
She lived a life of misery and her tears she did hide
She wonder the streets looking for love
If only she knew the love from above

But she did not beckon or even dare to cry out to the King
For she knew she was nothing and so unclean
So man after man
Night after night
Her demons led her
She was too weak to fight
Then they found her the ones who called themselves priests
And threw her out like a dog on the streets
She laid there as they snarled rocks and mean words
For the words they said was nothing in her mind she had not heard
And the rocks they may have been meant for pain
But she just closed her eyes and begged the rocks would cause her to die and she cried
But then all of a sudden admits the hate and darkness that encircled her
She heard the most-loveliest voice that awakened her
His voice was as sweet as the sun on your face
And as gentle as a baby’s first embrace
All of sudden the madness ceased
And she lifted her tear drenched eyes and realized she was at Jesus’ feet
He spoke stern yet calm words to the men that stood around
And one by one their viscous rocks fell to the ground
Jesus held out his hand and lifted her to her feet
And brushed the dirt off of her as she dried her tears and realized that love had come to be
He whispered that He loved her so true
And this gave her strength to do what he told her to do
She finally found love that she looked for all her life
And then she offered up everything as a living sacrifice
Love found Mary that day on the streets
When she met her Savior whom she followed for she knew this was meant to be

-Mary Priddy, Author

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