I have one day left of my vacation. Maybe driving to Pennsylvania to see family was not what I needed. There is a cure; a release for the sadness that is suddenly choking the life out of me but it’s not within my reach. Time is the answer and it is ticking by ever so slowly.

Some people say that the best way to heal is to step out of the situation. You know the saying, “Out of sight, Out of Mind”. That works, at least until reality comes back around. Then you are back where you started. The feelings are still there and the emotions rear their ugly heads once again.

The sadness has been hard for me but the anger is something totally different to deal with. I said I wouldn’t let myself get angry but it hits all at once. WHAM! And suddenly you find yourself so enraged. Where does it all come from?

Anger is such a powerful emotion. Will I have the strength to manage it and eventually let it go?

Time is the only answer.

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