Toxic Parents – How to Save Yourself

Sorting through all the old books I’ve read, I stumbled upon this one.

This book is, by far, the most helpful book I’ve ever read. It’s powerful in its approach with revolutionary insight. Insight that truly changed my perspective on my childhood pain in a lot of ways. I’m almost convinced the author was hiding in my closet when she wrote this book.

I read it years ago, early ninety’s maybe, I believe, when it was first released. It was one of the foundation books of my personal journey and my professional development and today my second Bible.

From page one, I couldn’t put it down and still find myself referring back to it.

It describes narcissist parents that go beyond normal in the way they treat their child. Using guilt to scare the child, forcing the child to conform, silencing them throughout adulthood. This book addresses, not only, emotional, physical, mental, and sexual abuse but it also addresses parents that financially abuse their children.

I grew up with a toxic birth mother that allowed sexual, verbal and physical abuse in our home. I moved across the globe to get away from her, and after that she dealt me nothing but years and years of lie filled guilt trips that did nothing but take an emotional toll on me and devastate the lives of those around me.

Then one day, I put my foot down and just like this book said she would do, (almost word for word), my birth mother tried everything in her power to keep me in her life but in the end everyone saw right through her narcissistic ways, including the family courts that ordered her to stay away from me or find herself serving jail time and paying fines.

My story ended, very happily, I must say, 20 years ago, with a permanent estrangement. My life has flourished since then; from day one of having my birth mother removed from my life. It’s truly the best thing I ever did for myself. You can’t relate to or help someone who believes their own lies. Someone that absolutely refusing to see the truth and live in it.

If you are ready to deal with and get rid of all the toxic things from your childhood, the emotional baggage you feel is holding you back……this is the book for you!!

It’s very helpful, full of invaluable tools to take control of your life and move on. It’s also filled with tools and strategies to protect your own well-being, when moving forward, if you still have to interact with a toxic parent(s).

It’s not an easy read, but will open your eyes to why you act and react the way that you do as an adult and it explains the distorted mindset of a toxic parent as they strike about to fulfill their selfish wants and needs.

Truly revolutionary insight!

Susan Forward knows her stuff!!

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