Waterfalls and Mountain Climbing

Mr. Wonderful surprised me with a weekend getaway to a bed & breakfast  known as The Simmons-Bond Inn in Toccoa, Ga.

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Toccoa is the home of Toccos Falls; the waterfall in the movie “The Shack”. I read the book years ago. It was gifted to me by my close friend, Gail, and then Mr. Wonderful and I saw the movie when it came out last year.

kerrichronicles.com kerrichronicles.comThis spectacular waterfall is 19 feet higher than Niagara Falls and it’s simply breathtaking!

Toccoa, Ga is also the home of the Currahee Mountain. If you’re not familiar with this mountain, it’s the mountain of the “Band of Brothers” fame. The first Parachute Infantry training camp (Camp Toccoa) for the American Paratroopers that fought in World War II. If you didn’t make the climb, you didn’t make the cut. The Band of Brothers was a miniseries about it, produced by Tom Hanks a Steven Spielberg.

kerrichronicles.comThe hike is 3 miles up, 3 miles down (up and down both ways) and it was incredibly steep, the steepest mountain we’ve ever hiked and it was challenging! Our pictures\video don’t do it justice. A mile and a half in I told Mr. Wonderful he looked like he wanted to be challenged and offered to get on his back but he wasn’t falling for any of that. Ha!

kerrichronicles.comLooking up from the base of the hill at mile three, He started calling Jesus and I was awaiting His arrival because death seemed like a better alternative.

I was praying so hard I was blessed with a  second wind nearly at the top and I started running, leaving Mr. Wonderful in my dust!!  It was a struggle, I won’t even try to lie about it, I was way to lifeless to be showing off at that point. It was painful. Mr. Wonderful only started filming because he loved my unexpected “Rocky Moment”. Mentally I was focused on, “where’s the foot masseuse, the back massage therapist, the spa….. where can I find the massage table…. just point me to it!” I was seriously exhausted, delirious and delusional! Feel free to check out the “Second Wind” Video Below.

Second Wind

At the top we were standing 1700 feet above sea level and came face to face with a huge boulder stating the last and will and testament of others who made it to the top, surviving the first three miles.

kerrichronicles.comI say that because there is absolutely nothing easy about the hike back down!kerrichronicles.comWe were both exhausted. We also have a whole new respect for paratroopers all together. I cannot even imagine doing this in combat boots and full fatigues.

kerrichronicles.com kerrichronicles.com kerrichronicles.comI took one for the team and did a four limb staff at the top. You are welcome!

We didn’t take any pictures on the hike down. We had no life in us for that.  My entire body is sore. Google ” Currahee Mountain”. It’s a beautiful site from the top; and this mountain is packed full of history, including the youth of my bones and muscles.

Did I mention that the waterfall was amazing!!!!

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