24 thoughts on “Where’s Kerri Been?

      1. Oh the things I would change with Super Powers! I’d start with removing all calories from all food and from there I’d go with everyday weather, making it just like San Diego, California. Oh and I’d stop aging………….I need to get back to work and get out of my fantasy world. hahahaha but it’s good to dream BIG!

      1. I talked with my former student, Winfield, who lives there in Hunstville, and I think I’m going to plan a trip to Hunstville to do your show and spend the night with Winfield and her husband. :0)
        Marie and I are still discussing it, but it looks real positive at this point.

      1. I’m past 50 so I have a right to be jealous! I am glad you have had a good time. I live about 6 hours from the beach and some days its so tempting to just get on Interstate 65 South until it ends! Which of course is the Gulf of Mexico!

      2. I live in Nashville. Its a straight shot down 65 and it takes me about 6 hours. We normally stay in Perdido Key Florida. We rent a condo and it doesn’t have all the High Rises that Orange Beach and Gulf Shores has. We deal with Perdido Key Reality. There good folks. We can stay for 10 days for about $1000 that includes taxes and all the fees.

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