Who Told You That?

Who told you that?

I love to reblog post that really touch and inspire me, promoting the authors and reaching out to others but my site does not make reblogged post look appealing, It simply shows the title with a sentence that says reblogged with a link. I don’t want to stop reblogging the awesome stuff you all share so I am reblogging inside my own post so your words get read and your sites get visited because I want others to be as touched by your words as I have been.

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Can’t take credit for this post. I “borrowed” this from Emma Kimberly’s Facebook page. She wrote a beautiful, thought-provoking post. Enjoy. 

Who told you that?

After the fall, Adam began to explain to God how he was ashamed and afraid because he was naked. 

I love the way God responded: “Who told you that you were naked?” Genesis 3:11

Obviously Adam had been influenced, informed and instructed by a voice other than the voice of God. God was perturbed about it!

“You think you need to hide in shame and be afraid?

Who told you that?”

I wonder how many times God has the same objection when He hears the lies we believe:

Who told you that?

Who told you weren’t capable?
Who told you one little compromise wouldn’t hurt?
Who told you you’d never accomplish anything significant?
Who told you it was too late to start over?
Who told you that you couldn’t be forgiven?
Who told you that you had to settle for that?
Who told you you’d never gain victory over that sin pattern?

So many voices compete to create a cacophony of confusion concerning the things we believe about ourselves.
God’s voice resonates with clarity, wisdom, and vision.

Who misled you?
Who talked you out of your dream?
Who convinced you that you didn’t measure up?

Who told you that?

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      1. Thanks Kerri, I think your reblogging is great as are all your own posts. I think it is all above board when you make it clear whose post it was originally. What I don’t understand is the “ping back”? I have written a couple of posts that have been pingbacked and just dismissed the linkage. My own work is purely my own work and those I reblog I make every effort to make it clear that it is someone else’s work. All the best to you Kerri.

      2. I’m not sure about the pingbacks. I read somewhere in a blogging book to turn the pinkbacks off but I don’t remember why. I will have to check on that and get back to you. I have reblogged some post and the links have been bad once posted on my page so it may be glitch in the wordpress system for pingbacks too.

      3. I find that if you just click reblog you don’t get the actual script of the blog so have to highlight, but if you highlight and click reblog the script for the entire blog is without paragraphs, which makes it very tedious as you ahve to go through putting them all in, so now I copy, unhighlight before clicking reblog then once in my blog I paste the script, seems to work that way, but no pictures.

      4. I’m not sure why but your last comment was sent straight to spam. Is your site self hosted or hosted by wordpress? I wonder if that makes a difference when it comes to reblogging. I am hosted by wordpress at this point but am planning on moving to a self hosted through Blue host. I bought my domain name a few months back but wanted to learn more before I branched out. I like a smooth transition 🙂

      5. No worries. It think our troubles are just the way WordPress is designed and we’ll just have to work around the technical issues. I will keep my eye on my spam box though because wordpress keeps sending you there. Grrrrr…………… so sorry! I hope your suggestions worked for the woman and her dog starts to feel better.

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