Coffee & Christ Featuring Frederick Whitlow II of No More Dirty TV with Surrendering Your Will

Original Air Date September 16, 2013

Brother Fred never ceases to amaze me. He has such a powerful spirit which is thought-provoking and he’s so full of knowledge.

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ChaLEAN Extreme Workout DVD Product Review

ChaLEAN Extreme

The ChaLEAN Extreme fitness program didn’t get a lot of press but it’s fantastic! Anyone can do this and anyone that does will see results.


Fitness experts have been saying for years that creating lean muscle is the best way to burn fat and keep it off and that’s exactly what this program does.

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Coffee & Christ Featuring Rachael Jackson of Shattered Magazine With Forgiveness & Moving Forward with Eternal Perspective

Original Air Date September 23, 2013

Rachael Jackson and Shattered Magazine are doing great things. We will be reading this magazine for years to come. I look forward to seeing it on the shelf of every grocery store. 

This show was extremely eye-opening as to way we should treat others in their time of need, regardless of the situation. I was blessed beyond measure having been a part of it.

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Paleo Crockpot Almond Butter Chicken

Paleo Crockpot Almond Butter ChickenThis meal has a lot of flavor to offer. The recipe itself can be baked in the oven or cooked on a stove top. It turns out great either way but I love the ease of a crockpot while I’m cleaning or working about the house. Before cooking, consider doubling the sauce because it’s truly wonderful on cauliflower rice and steamed vegetables like broccoli. If you want a little kick to it or if you just like it hot, add a little ginger or red pepper flakes and enjoy. Serves 6. Continue reading

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Homemade Healthy Ketchup

Homemade Healthy Ketchup

This delicious ketchup recipe truly deserves a grander title with all its goodness and NO added sugar. When I started the paleo lifestyle, a  good tasting ketchup was one of the hardest things to find. Every recipe I tried left a funky after taste that my entire family disliked. I wanted the taste of store-bought without all the chemicals and additives and so after much experimentation, here it is, given two thumbs up from me and my fabulous group of taste testers.

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