Buffalo Chicken Strips (Paleo)

Buffalo Chicken Strips

These chicken strips are super simple to prepare and they make a great snack. What’s also great is that there’s no measuring here, of any kind, once the strips are marinated, spread them out on a baking sheet and sprinkle a generous amount of the seasonings on both sides.


Add salt if you’d like but loading up on other seasonings is a great way to help reduce your sodium intake. Also, cayenne pepper has a myriad of health benefits, including boosting the metabolism and aiding in digestion. Low-fat, low-sodium, and guilt-free… what more could you want? Continue reading

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2014 Annual Penny Drive Recipient

2014 Annual Penny Drive Recipient Continue reading

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Tomato Goat Cheese Omelet

Tomato Goat Cheese Omelet

PDF version: Tomato Goat Cheese OmeletGoat Cheese & Tomato Omelet Continue reading

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“Truth Be Told” on the Coffee & Christ Show

Original Air Date: December 2, 2013


The TRUTH… Would you rather have people be brutally honest with you, or would you rather have people “beat around the bush” and sugarcoat things when you’re asking for their advice??? I totally believe that shooting people straight is the greatest form of respect there is but not everyone agrees. Check out “Truth Be Told” on the Coffee & Christ Show.


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Chinese Broccoli Beef (Paleo)

Chinese Broccoli Beef

Chinese Broccoli Beef is one of those old favorites that I miss the most about treating myself. The use of soy and MSG in Chinese cooking makes it incredibly unhealthy which eliminates it from my diet totally. That is of course until I heard about coconut aminos and read up on them and out came this fantastic recipe.

Continue reading

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